Velocity Check Valve

The Petro Controls “VCV” is Designed for control circuits that require a closed-to-Flow status upon development of an abnormal pressure differential downstream of the valve assembly due to a tripped flow line pilot. The VCV is a two position, two way Normally Closed, flow control safety valve that is field mounted.

Velocity Check Valve enables process pressure to be safely transmitted via instrumentation tubing from an input source to a receiving control. Rupture, due to over pressuring, occurs to controls that utilize Diaphragms, Bourdon Tubes or Helical Coils.

Should a rupture or abnormal pressure differential occur, the Velocity Check Valve would prevent the continuous discharge of fugitive emissions by stopping flow at its Inlet connection.

Our Velocity Check Valve requires manual reset after a “Blocked-To-Flow” condition occurs. The valve’s manual reset feature provides the necessary failsafe, lockout status. Once the abnormal situation is corrected, the operator manually depresses the knob to re-establish normal operating status.


  • Easy to install-the interface can be installed in line or mounted on a bracket.
  • Easy to maintain- The internals can be easily removed and replaced with a new internal to minimize down time.
  • Harsh environment- manufactured complete out SS316L with Viton and seats to meet corrosive environment requirements. Such as H₂S.

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