Petro Controls Europe B.V.

A Dutch Company specialized in turnkey control systems for oil and gas wells, offshore platforms and oil & gas production.

Systems and services wellhead safety control safety systems utilizing the following technolgies:

  • Pneumatic, hydraulic and PLC-based panel control logic.
  • Pneumatic/hydraulic, electro/hydraulic, and solar energy/hydraulic powered systems.
  • Specialty panel enclosures including modular, expandable systems.
  • Sub-sea wellhead control systems.
  • Platform master control systems:
    • ESD systems;
    • Fusible loop systems.
  • Miscellaneous local pneumatic control panels including pump controls and safety/shutdown panels.

Oil and gas production controls including:

  • Chemical injection systems.
  • Hydraulic power systems.
  • Portable hydraulic testing systems.
  • Pneumatic/hydraulic production systems.
  • Electric/pneumatic/hydraulic choke valve systems.
  • Electric/pneumatic/hydraulic manifold control systems.

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