Chemical seals

The Petro Controls Chemical seal is an isolation device used to separate clean  hydraulic oil from the process media, while allowing the instruments  to sense the process pressure. A piston with transmits pressure from

the process medium to the clean hydraulic oil. The chemical seal may be attached directly to the instrument, or remotely, using a capillary line.

This device is intended to keep the process medium out of the pressure element assembly and to prevent damage from corrosion or clogging. Chemical seals are also used to maintain the sanitary requirements of the process medium and to reduce the process temperature to which the pressure element is exposed. Chemical seal function is to use a piston that is floating between the upper and lower connection. The upper housing is filled with a clean fluid and attached to the pressure instrument. The lower housing is in contact with the process medium and has the connection to the process system. The process media pressure is transmitted through the piston to the clean fluid in the upper housing and subsequently to the pressure instrument.

The chemical seal has on both ends a fire seat if a hose or a connection breaks the chemical seal will close the on the metal seat.

A fill/bleed connection is standard, which permits filling the seal and instrument line with clean hydraulic oil.


  • Easy to install

The Chemical seal is Compact, can be installed in line or in a bracket.

  • Easy to maintain
    • All part can be exchange for maintenance.
    • Standard Viton O-rings
    • Standard SS 316L Construction
    • O-rings do not cross directly over ports during operation, therefore maintaining O-ring longevity
  • Option there are options available to meet your specific safety requirements:
    • Fittings
    • Special thread connections
    • Gauges on ports D and B
    • Different kind of materials for the o-rings
    • Different kind of metal materials to suit all mediums

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