Tattle Tail

The Petro Controls “TATTLE TALE” is a small component that provides indication when a hydraulic sensor or control component operates. The “TATTLE TALE” is designed to be installed in the return line near the exhaust port of a hydraulic component or control component.

When the sensor or control device operates and vents or exhausts hydraulic fluid (or gas), the pressure in the return line will cause the piston of the “TATTLE TALE” to pop out. This exposes a (red) indicator band giving visual indication that the sensor or control device has operated.

The PCS “TATTLE TALE” is perfect for “first out” indicating when a hydraulic device vents off


  • SS 316L construction
  • Connection inlet port size: 1/4” MNPT
  • Standard Viton O-Rings
  • Small size and rugged construction
  • Easy to repair and test
  • Trip indication easily visible by color
  • First-out indication
  • Can eliminate the need for an expensive control panel

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