Hydraulic Power Packs


Hydraulic power packs (HPU)
A hydraulic power pack is a device that will generate and store hydraulic energy at one or
more different pressure levels ready for later use. A hydraulic power pack can be installed
inside an enclosure or on a skid.

Main component in this device are:

  • The hydraulic reservoir (sized in accordance with the required fill-up of tubing/hoses
    and swept volume of various actuators in the field).
  • Motor/pumps, usually motor/pumps are redundant (two or more pumps for each
    pressure level). Motors can be either Electrical or Pneumatic driven.
  • Pressure transmitter / switches for start/stop control of the pumps.
  • Accumulators, for hydraulic energy storage.
  • Relief valves for protection of equipment and field runs. Relief valves are set 10%
    above working pressure, but should never be higher than maximum allowed working
    pressure of tubing/field equipment

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