Valve Automation



  • On actuator mounted controls
  • Local Control Box for On/Off Valve control
  • Local HIPPS Control Box

Petro Control Europe BV’s Core Competencies, Design and Manufacturing Features

  • Over 34 years’ experience in valve and valve automation technologies designed to safely and efficiently direct or control the flow of fluid in various Petrochemical, oil and gas application.

Petro Control Europe BV designs, manufactures and installs many kinds of actuator control systems, pneumatic or hydraulic, for the normal operation and the safety of the plants in Oil & Gas field. Those systems are equipped with electric, pneumatic and hydraulic circuits suitable for the control of the actuators moving the relevant valves. The control can be of on/off type (open/close) or proportional based on the signal received from the control room (pneumatic or electric). It is also available a system with “Partial Stroke” test device, manual or automatic, for application in HIPPS systems.

Standard features:

  • Components layout carefully studied to facilitate the control, checking and maintenance operations
  • Executions in AISI316 stainless steel (even varnished)
  • Arrangement in cabinet IP55 or on plate at sight
  • Maximum pressure 420 bar (6,000 PSI)
  • Double ferrule compression fittings
  • Imperial or Inch Tubing (according to ASTM A-269)
  • Hydro-pneumatic accumulators (bladder-type or piston) or pneumatic tanks to ensure emergency manoeuvres even in case of main power failure
  • Local and remote control via interface with PCL / DCS / SCADA / RTU
  • EEx-ia / EEx-d executions
  • Fusible plugs network management (pneumatic or hydraulic)
  • Manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric ESD (Emergency Shut-Down)
  • Manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric PSD (Process Shut-Down)
  • Safety components in SIL2 grade according to IEC 61508:2010
  • Nameplates and documentation in Italian or English
  • Certification according to PED / ASME / ATEX / IECEx

Special features:

  • Media: Nitrogen
  • Very low power consumption for use with photovoltaic panels (green technology)
  • Installation in severe climate conditions (very low/very high temperatures, desert zones, etc.)
  • Cabinet IP65
  • Manual or automatic “partial stroke” device
  • ≤ 3 seconds operation time (for HIPPS valves)
  • Compatibility with hydraulic fluids water / glycol based
  • Separated skids for accumulators / tanks
  • Pressure up to 690 bar (10,000 PSI)
  • Application in presence of H2S (NACE MR01-75)
  • Nameplates and documentation in different languages (Russian, Arabic, etc.)
  • Executions according to Rules Norsok
  • Testing Officiated and Certification on customer request
  • Safety components in SIL3 grade accoding to IEC61508:2010

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