High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS)



High-Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS) is a type of safety instrumented system (SIS) designed to prevent over-pressurization of a plant, such as gas, chemical plants or oil refineries.
The HIPPS acts as a barrier between a high-pressure and a low-pressure section of an installation, shutting off the source of the high pressure before to exceed the design pressure of the system, thus preventing loss of containment through rupture (explosion) of the line or vessel.

The loss of containment can result in:

  • Impact to human life and the environment, when flammable, explosive, or toxic chemicals are released to the atmosphere
  • Economic impact due to production unit replacement/repair costs and production losses

HIPPS are independent and reliable systems that shall operate on a higher Safety Integrity Level (SIL 3) than Process Shut Down and Emergency Shut Down.Petro Control Europe BV is able to supply HIPPS system integrator. The partners which we involves to provide these complete solutions have many years’ experience in Oil & Gas applications and the mutual cooperation results in finding out the best solutions for all applications required.

The complete HIPPS system consists of the following main components:

  • Actuators (Hydraulic & Pneumatic, Quarter turn or Linear – SIL 3 Certified)
  • Valves (Ball, Gate – SIL 3 Certified)
  • Logic Solver (Programmable or Solid State – SIL3 or SIL 4 Certified)
  • Pressure Transmitter (High Response, Hart Protocol – SIL 2 Certified)
  • Manifold (Singular Flange Manifolds or Interlocking Manifold)
  • Skid
  • Certifications (FAT Tests and SIL level are under supervision and certified by TÜV)

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