Self-Contained Control System (SCCS)


 The SCCS Models are designed to provide a source of control pressure to operate single acting “fail safe” hydraulic gate or ball valve actuators.

The “SCCS” control system is placed into service by operating a manual hydraulic pump, which supplies hydraulic pressure to the actuator and arms the hydraulic control system.

The valve is automatically closed whenever the “SCCS” control system detects an abnormal condition such as a fire, high or low pressure. The closure of the valve is accomplished in the “SCCS” by venting the actuator which causes the safety valves to close.

The heart of the system is the Petro Controls Solutions designed manifold block containing pressure sensing pilots, check valve, to minimize tubing and pipe connections ensuring the user of a trouble free safety control system

  • Model C (SSV control)
  • Model D (SCSSV-SSV Control)
  • Model C (Various options)

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