Subsea Master Control Station


Highly customized topside subsea control systems designed to meet your operational needs in challenging offshore environments and remote platforms

Expandable systems offering central as well as stand-alone panel control.

Subsea systems are often tied to complex topside controls that demand high reliability, ensuring sustained operations in demanding offshore environments. Integrating these systems can be a challenge, especially in brownfield projects, where specialized system expertise is as important as the ability to integrate upgrades into existing processes and safety systems.

Subsea MCS highlights

Petro Controls Europe BV,  Subsea Master Control Stations are designed to operate in the harshest environments and fully adhere to oil & gas subsea operation standards.

  • Built on our extensive PLC experience, we implement dual redundancy, fault tolerance, and detailed diagnostics leading to a 99.99% uptime for our systems.
  • Our systems are designed for easy scalability with multiple hardware options to meet your immediate and future expansion needs.
  • We provide multiple operator workstations for control and monitoring interfaces.
  • Our multiple regional offices can help us offer services to any offshore operation.
  • We have our manufacturing hub in Netherlands which allow quick and easy deployment of solutions to any offshore facility.

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