Intelligent Well Control


Proprietary smart well control solutions for enhanced safety and performance of wellhead controls, suitable for critical installations in harsh environments

Intelligent panels featuring remote connectivity for complete flexibility

In addition to standard wellhead control panels, PCE also supplies intelligent well control panels with choke automation. They connect to remote systems for complete flexibility. These sophisticated panels are designed for a smarter fail-safe operation. They also have better reliability performance in the extreme climate conditions of well sites.

Petro Controls Europe Intelligent Well Control highlights

Our solutions provide consistent, safe, and reliable operations; enhancing reservoir throughput and minimizing operating risks.

  • Our Intelligent Well Controls are backed by industry-leading technical prowess and successful deployments around the world.
  • Petro Controls Europe BV state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Netherlands is strategically placed to serve global hubs of oil and gas production.
  • The capacity of our facility can produce up to 100 panels within a few weeks.
  • These systems are designed with flexible technology geared to meet future requirements and expansions.
  • Our panels have localized and remote operation capabilities suitable for hazardous area applications.

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