Field installation

The installation of the panels will be done by Petro Controls. This to guarantee the warranty of our products for a period of eighteen (18) months after delivery or twelve (12) months after commissioning to be free of manufacturing defects. Any product that may be suspect of being defective shall be returned to Petro Controls in Oosterhout, The Netherlands,  for testing and evaluation. Any returned product found to be defective will be repaired or replaced and returned to the customer.

Petro Controls personnel will carry out the pre-commissioning of the complete system and during this pre-commissioning following procedures have to be followed:

All hydraulic distribution field lines will be blown out with nitrogen or clean compressed air to remove possible shavings and dirt.

  • All hydraulic lines of the hydraulic distribution system will be individual flushed with the Petro Controls high-flow flushing unit with a 3 micron filter element.
  • Each individual control line will be monitored during flushing with a particle counter to monitor the cleanliness level to NAS or ISO results.
  • The control lines now can be connected to the control system by  connecting them to the control panel bulkhead fittings.
  • The complete control line will be pressure tested 125 % of the operating pressure by Petro Controls personnel and witnessed by the clients representatives, a the hydrostatic test report of each line will be available and can be signed off. Petro Controls is able to supply the test reports, procedures, and tools.
  • Waste oil could be disposed by Petro Controls at published rates (Petro Controls has a waste oil contract with an approved environment friendly waste oil disposal contractor). This is only for The Netherlands.
  • During commissioning Petro Controls personnel is available on a twenty-four-seven call out basis to assist the construction yard or client with testing of the DCS system in combination with the Petro Controls supplied hydraulic control panels.
  • The system will be started and complete functional tested.
  • The Operators will be fully instructed and trained to make sure they can operate in full accordance with the procedures during start-up and production.
  • In case the client requires field tubing installation done by Petro Controls we can offer the complete installation including engineering to compare the client needs and project specifications.

Petro Controls carries a large inventory of spare parts and soft good kits to change out or repair components in the unlikely event of a component failure.

A twenty four seven service organization is available with Petro Controls fully skilled Engineers for back up in any event and service need.

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