Model D Control for two Actuators (5K psi)


The Self Contained Control System (SCCS) model D does not require an external source of energy such as electricity, pneumatics or hydraulics to operate and is basically intended to operate two (2) valves, both at a maximum operating pressure of 5.000 PSI. The shut-in valve is automatically closed whenever the SCCS detects an abnormal condition such as heat (fire) or high/low pressure on the pipeline. The closure of the valve is accomplished within the SCCS by venting the actuators hydraulic control pressure, which causes the valves to close.


  • Easy to install: The SCCS is Compact, lightweight, and stand mounted away from the tree or mounted on the actuator.
  • Easy to operate: Only a few steps are required to open the safety valves and arm the hydraulic shut-in system
  • Easy to maintain:  The high and low pilots are cartridge build, giving you the option to calibrate the pilots in a clean controlled environment
  • Zero leakage: The hydraulic manifold minimizes pipe and tubing connections
  • Harsh environment: All wetted parts are manufactured complete SS316L to meet corrosive environment requirements. Such as H₂S.

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