Management policy statement

It is the intent of Petro Controls to take all practical measures to assure that the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of Company systems, operating practices, and policies accomplish the following:
  • Provide the Customer with high quality products and services that satisfy the required specifications, applicable codes, and standards.
  • Provide Quality Control Check Lists, which are audit-able, records attesting to the quality of products and services.
  • Verify that a suitable functional test is produced and executed for each control system or generalized system produced by Petro Controls
  • Promote quality – mindedness in each Petro Controls employee.
The Quality Control designated personnel are given full responsibility and the authority to implement this Quality Control Program.
  • Identify Quality Control problems.
  • Provide solutions to such problems or to initiate and/or recommend action which results in solutions.
  • Enforce quality procedures and policies.
  • Stop any activity, which is in violation of the manufacturing system

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